Be a Part of God’s Story

As we step out of the Christmas season and into the New Year, let’s pause and take a moment to go back to the challenge that Jeff gave all of us on Christmas Eve.

Look up instead of looking at. Look up at God and the gift of His love. Everything changes through the filter of that story.

In order to help us maintain this new perspective, God gave us two other incredible gifts—the ability to hear His story, and the opportunity to respond to it through worship.

His story, as recorded in the Bible, allows people 2,000 years later in Gwinnett County to hear the good news of great joy that is for all people. Worship engages our hearts and minds by providing a way for us to celebrate and respond to the wonders of his love.

We want to teach the next generation this so they can be led into a growing relationship with Jesus too. That is why we have teams of storytellers and worship leaders in Waumba Land and UpStreet––so they can tell our kids God’s story and lead them to celebrate and respond to it.
April Holcombe is a mom with four children. She piles all her kids in the car every Sunday morning and drives over thirty minutes to lead worship in children’s environment. We asked her why she does this, and here’s what she said: “I believe that every volunteer who shows up plays a crucial role in giving our kids a remarkable experience that makes them want to come back again and again. Volunteering isn’t something I have to do. It’s something I get to do.” So cool.

Justin Honaman is one of our worship leaders in UpStreet. He has been serving in this capacity at different campuses for over a decade, and he’s been with us at Gwinnett Church since we opened our doors. His energy is contagious and Justin will tell anyone: “I literally count down the days until I get to worship with the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders every Sunday in the Alley. It’s changed my life.” While serving has changed Justin’s life, the reason he shows up every Sunday is because he knows that, “Every Sunday is one kid’s first Sunday, and I want to give it my all so they ask their parents to come back next week.”

These are only two of the many storytellers and worship leaders who come and serve in Waumba Land and UpStreet every Sunday. They come because they know that looking up at Jesus changed everything for them, and they want to share that with the next generation.
There’s nothing quite like getting to share Jesus’ love with kids and then watching them stand in awe at the fact that the God of the universe loves them so much, He sent His only Son, Jesus, to be the hope of the world.
It changes your life and theirs.

What does this mean for you? If you, or someone you know, loves to tell stories, sing, dance, or just celebrate and share Jesus’ love, I would encourage you to come check out Waumba Land and UpStreet’s Open Auditions this Sunday in the Alley. Use the gifts God has given you to help the #nextgenwin.

Email  for more information.
Be #ForGwinnett and help the next generation look up in 2017.


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