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It Never Gets Old…

That’s right.  It never gets old to hear stories of life change.  This past weekend, we celebrated the baptisms of Christina, Kimberly and Colleen. Check out their stories below!

Nathan’s Story

Nathan’s story reminds us that the Church is a global movement. Thanks to all who helped make Gwinnett Church and a great ministry like Passion Conferences happen.  

2017 at Gwinnett Church

Enjoy a look back on a big year in our journey together. Thank you to our volunteers and investors who helped make this possible.

Alright, I’ll do it Lord.

It was the year of 2016 and it had been a little over a year since Gwinnett Church was planted in Sugar Hill. That was also the same length...

Life Change

We love hearing stories of what Jesus is doing in our church. Here are the stories of Maggie and Mike.

Thank You, Seniors!

Four years ago, our high school students helped start our high school ministry and eventually launch GCIO in our current location. They helped film this video while the building...

UpStreet Bricks

Back in September, we announced the #ForGwinnett campaign that’s all about creating mores spaces to reach more faces. Basically, we are out of space for our Transit and InsideOut...

Evidence of Your Generosity

As part of our Be Rich campaign last Fall, you helped provide much needed renovation to one of the foster homes at Eagle Ranch.  Here are some photos of...

Stephanie Zirkle

Here’s Stephanie’s story in her own words. “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ. – 1 Corinthians 11:1 During @gwinnettchurch Night of Worship last year, we...

A Faith of Their Own

We love leading and serving the next generation.  For example, a couple of Sundays ago we celebrated the baptisms of seven Gwinnett Transit students. Transit is our middle school...

Life Change is the best.

Baptism is one of our favorite things to do around here because it is a tangible example of the life change that is happening here at Gwinnett Church. All...

What Generosity Can Look Like.

This month our UpStreet kids are learning about the Big Idea of GENEROSITY. Here’s one way we showed what generosity can look like.

KidStuf Friday

KidStuf Friday

We're excited KidStuf is this Friday.  Here is another reason not to miss this great environment for children and parents. 

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