Get to Know: Brandon Coker

Tell us your full name: Brandon Ray Coker

Where are you from? I was born in Griffin, GA on July 26th 1985 where I lived until 2006. It isn’t known for much at all, EXCEPT that Doc Holliday was born there. Look him up, very interesting life story!

What exactly do you do at Gwinnett Church? I play drums at GC. Keep beats. Make people move their feet.

When did you start coming to one of our campuses? My very first NPCC experience was attending BC in 2005 at the old grocery store. I started playing there about 2 years later.

What is your most embarrassing  moment on stage? As the drummer, the songs beginning and end depends on me.  The worst thing as a drummer is to start the wrong song.  Unfortunately, that has happened often! There’s not a whole lot you can do about that, besides make a clean stop, and tell the crowd what happened.

Who are the top three artists that influenced you as a musician? I LOVE how the following three dudes do what they do – Chris McHugh (Keith Urban), Steve Jordan (John Mayer), and Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty).

Tell us about your family: My parents have been married for 30+ years and are still crazy in love. So blessed to have seen that my whole life. I have one older sister and she has 3 wonderful children!

Any hobbies? I am an avid outdoorsman. I tell people that I’m a refined redneck, and that’s a pretty accurate statement. I hunt, fish, hike, run, basically spend as much time outside as possible. (I’m writing this sitting by the Chattahoochee River as a matter of fact!) I am a HUGE, season ticket holding Braves fan too. Go Falcons, Jackets, and Braves!

How would you describe yourself in three words? Blessed. Motivated. Absorbent.

Thanks Brandon!



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