My Parenting Fail – Decoding the Middle School Years

imageI was talking with my son the other day—did I mention that he is a middle school student, because that part is really, really important—and I could feel the tension rising. What should have been a very simple instruction turned into a full-fledged argument. By the end I was exhausted, and he was banished to his room … until he is twenty! As I sat in the aftermath, I wondered what had happened. He pushed every button, turned every word, and argued every point. I think he even argued against things like gravity and thermodynamics, or at least it seemed like it.

Have you been there? Have you ever wondered, “What in the world is going on with my middle school kid? Things were going great, or at least not too much out of the norm, and now I feel like I’m dealing with a totally different kid.” There is a reason for this. Turns out major changes are going on under the surface of that sweet child of yours—wonderful and exciting changes that help transform your child into an adult. (Here is a great article on some of the changes going on in your student’s brain.) But with those changes sometimes come difficulties, some tension. We’d like to help you through this transition by offering parenting groups targeting the middle school years. We have seasoned parents (by seasoned we mean they have lived through the middle school years!) leading the groups, and you will be with other middle school parents. You can find out more information here, but make sure you act fast because registration ends this week!

Oh, when you get some good tips, please pass them along!



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