My UpStreet girls

This past Sunday was a big day for us here at Gwinnett Church because it was Promotion Sunday in both Waumba Land and UpStreet. This is when our kids move up to the next class or grade, meet their new small group as well as new small group leader.  We try our best to make it a smooth transition for the kids, but apparently we should make sure our small group leaders are ready for the transition as well. This is a letter from one of our UpStreet small group leaders that he sent to the parents of his old small group on Sunday evening.

Dear parents of “my” UpStreet girls,
I started serving in UpStreet when your beautiful, wonderful girls were in kindergarten–and some of the young ladies in our group today were little girls in my very first group. Since day #1, I’ve planned on moving up with my group every year. I wanted to be that non-parent adult in their lives that they knew would be there each Sunday when they were little and as they grew. Always there to guide and encourage them into a growing relationship with Jesus.
Yes, I knew the day would come when we’d split the girls from the boys and that day was today…and it is bittersweet. When I started in UpStreet, I thought I’d be the teacher and they’d be the students and it may have seemed like that on the surface. But are teachers supposed to learn so very much from their students? This may not surprise you, but girls are different from boys . They often arrive in dresses and they are nearly always smiling. They listen so well and they love it when the first activity is coloring. They LOVE to sing and dance together in big group. And, most of all, the way they look at me when we are talking about Jesus…has inspired me in my own faith journey.
I’ll admit that I tried to sneak into Ms. Cindy’s group today declaring my name to be “Alexa” and speaking in a woman’s voice (with an English accent). No one was fooled. And I left them laughing as I went back to my boys.
Thank you for the gift of your girls for as long as I had the honor of “teaching” them be it one or four years. I’ll miss them for sure, but I won’t be very far away and I look forward to continuing to watch them grow up as they grow in faith. If there is anything I can ever do for them, please let me know.

upstreet girlsI mean, can you even imagine the having this kind of person speaking into a child’s life throughout their faith journey?? It’s incredible that our Gwinnett Church family doesn’t have to imagine it. We have incredible volunteers like Alex who, through their own “Personal Ministry“, grow in their own faith as well as lead kids in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  Week in and week out, they get here early, stay late, greet, pray for, encourage, and help create amazing environments our children and students love to attend and learn about their Heavenly Father.  Thank you to all of our volunteer “owners” who show people God is FOR them by how well we serve them. We truly couldn’t do what we do without you.

PS: If you want join Alex in UpStreet or any of our other environments by volunteering, click here for more information.



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