Thank you Gwinnett Church.

Hey everyone. 

This past weekend we served more people at Gwinnett Church than any previous weekend in our journey together. From Good Friday through Sunday afternoon, it was simply amazing. And you helped make this happen. 

Thank you for being bold and persistent in inviting your friends.  Thank you for serving to create a place where children, students and adults could experience the story of Jesus. Thank you for giving financially which allows us to serve as many people as possible. Thank you for gathering around the tree on Friday to pray for our community.  These prayers were obviously answered in an immeasurably more, powerful way.   

While we are already looking forward to gathering again this coming Sunday, I couldn’t let another moment pass without saying thank you.  Jesus is writing a beautiful story here and you are playing a vital part. 


Jeff Henderson 

Lead Pastor

PS-Click HERE to see more beautiful pictures from the weekend.


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