This is Ashley

Hey #Gwinnett — meet Ashley Gamboa! Ashley loves working in Waumba Land here at Gwinnett Church. When she is not at loving on our preschoolers, she is a barista at Boulder Creek Coffee. Boulder Creek Coffee is located in downtown Lawrenceville and is known for their quality coffee and charming atmosphere. As Ashley explains, Boulder Creek Coffee serves up more than just a great cup of joe. “It’s not really the coffee, it’s more about the community and coffee is just a medium. The community plus the coffee has become a huge part of my life.”

Even though she has only lived in Gwinnett for about a year, Ashley was astonished how quickly Gwinnett and our church started to feel like home. “There is something special about Gwinnett. I didn’t even know that Gwinnett Church existed a year ago; I am super invested in it now. I don’t see myself leaving for a while because of the incredible community and the opportunities that are within Gwinnett.” Stop by Boulder Creek Coffee shop and try Ashley’s favorite drink, iced macha latte! #ForGwinnett


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