Top 7 lessons from the Coca-Cola Innovation team

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This week, we took our Gwinnett Church staff meeting on the road to learn from David Butler, Global Innovation Director at The Coca-Cola Company. David is an incredible thought leader in design and innovation. Plus, he’s a great guy.

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Each day, Coca-Cola sells two billion products.  The challenge is to innovate within an organization that is clearly doing many things right. Here is how David and his team are innovating within the massive and successful structure of Coke.

1. Get out of the building.

 “We can have great meetings but if we’re not careful we can make the mistake of not talking to the customer.” 

2. It’s not failure. It’s learning.

 “We aren’t afraid to fail. The more we fail, the more we learn.” 

3.  Test hypotheses and pivot when you need to.

“Call your new initiatives or ideas ‘tests.’ You aren’t claiming it will will work. It’s just a test.” 

4.  Do lots of experiments, then plan.

Counter-intuitive, yet brilliant. 

5.  Start with a problem, not a solution.

6.  Create a minimum viable product as fast as possible.

7.  Visualizing ideas helps you work faster.

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Which one of these resonates most with you and your organization?



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