When Monsters Attack!

Do monster attacks every happen in your home? You know, like when you are all set to grab a meal as a family, go to the park, have a game night, or even just a quick trip to the grocery store. Then, out of nowhere, someone in your family loses it! They wanted Wendy’s instead of Zaxby’s, its too hot to have a picnic, someone else took the car piece in Monopoly or they had to pause their game in order to go to Kroger. Monster attacks. They can happen at anytime, anyplace and can involve anyone.

This is exactly what happened with our Klubhouse friends on Friday night! We had the popcorn, plenty of seats for everyone and the perfect marathon of Gordo’s favorite movies. Then, Cammie had to pull out her selfie stick, blocking everyone’s view, to sag the perfect group shot. She couldn’t control herself. That led to her monster attack. To make things worse, Vinny couldn’t help himself from eating all the popcorn in sight. He wouldn’t stop! Monster attack #2. Gordo lost it when none of his friends were paying attention to the movie. Monster attack #3.

Luckily, KidStuf is here to help! We learned together that the Big Idea of Self-Control was exactly what Gordo and the gang needed. We took potential monster attacks and danced them away. Instead of getting angry, we got silly!


This month, we are challenging parents to take the “Self-Control Keychains” to play our “take a step back” theme song at any point a potential monster attack could happen. Who can get mad when their parent is dancing around like crazy?

Didn’t get a chance to grab a keychain on Friday? Be sure to stop by UpStreet and get one of your own. Together, we can “take a step back and choose how to act” before monster attacks happen.

Don’t miss our next KidStuf show on November 2nd when we talk about Generosity! See you then!


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